Frequently Asked Questions

We want your order to go as smoothly as possible, so we have compiled this section with the most relevant questions, together with brief answers to each one. If you have any further questions, feel free to write us an e-mail: or call our customer service number on: +49 (0) 30 540044-85.

You can register right here on our webpage. To do this you need your school’s ID – a ten-digit number that can be obtained from the school office or from our staff.

To register here on our web page, a form will open that you should complete in full and send off (your meal contract). The SEPA direct debit form will then appear, which you should complete in full, print, sign and send on to us:

By post: Menüpartner GmbH, Plauener Str. 161, 13053 Berlin
Fax: +49 (0) 30 540044-601

A signature is absolutely essential in order for meal payments to be debited via a SEPA direct debit mandate.

In addition to the online registration, you will also receive an order form from the school secretary.

Yes, every child is an individual member of the group catering and receives their own customer number and chip card.

You can register here online using your personal access details (username and PIN). In exceptional cases, e.g. if technical problems arise, the service centre can take your order by telephone on +49 (0) 30 540044-85.

Once you have logged in, select “Order” and click on your preferred menu. A tick will appear next to the menu you have chosen. Important! To complete the order process you must click on “Send order”.

This can sometimes happen, e.g. if too many customers order their food at short notice. You then need to choose from the remaining menus. If all the menus are sold out, you can select our set menu at excellent value.

Our tip: We recommend that you order your menus at least two weeks in advance!

This card allows you to collect food that you have previously ordered.

The card has the following functions:
– Identifies the cardholder wishing to collect food
– Displays the selected menu
– Displays any food allergies

Important: The chip card must not be pierced otherwise you will not be able to use it. 

The fee is calculated for the chip card (RFID card). The card can be read electronically. Only the customer number and/or name are stored on the card. This card allows you to collect food that you have previously ordered.

This is a QR code: QR stands for “Quick Response”.

You can use your smartphone to read this code, which will take you straight to the login page of the online order system. (You must have the corresponding app installed on your smartphone.) You can enter your username and PIN here to order food.

If your chip card is lost or damaged, we will issue you with a new one. We charge €3.50 for our processing and programming costs as well as the card itself.

If your card is lost or damaged, email us at or call us on +49 (0) 30 540044-85.
We need the full name and customer number or your home address.

Everyone gets plenty to eat. The portion sizes are based on recommendations from the German Nutrition Society. Side dishes and vegetable portions are also available to supplement the main meal.

If you do not wish to participate on a particular day, you must cancel your order. This can usually be done early on the morning of the day itself (apart from for breakfast). The deadlines for making, cancelling or changing an order can be found in your contract.

Cancellations should be made online as soon as possible using your access details. Alternatively, you can fax us on +49 (0) 30 540044601 or call us on +49 (0) 30 540044-85.

MenüPartner always collects the food payments each month in arrears via direct debit. This means that we pre-finance the meals for more than one month. The one-time deposit makes a monthly pre-payment for your meals unnecessary – it thus serves as a customer-friendly simplification of the monthly payments.

The one-time deposit is transferred to a separate account that is not an asset of Menüpartner GmbH. Unlike rental deposits, this deposit is not subject to interest. When the food order has been completed, and when all debts arising from it have been settled, the deposit will be returned to you after 8 weeks (SEPA return credit period).

The one-time deposit must be transferred to an account that is separate from the assets and other business transactions of Menüpartner GmbH. Please therefore only use the transfer form that you received with the order confirmation. To do an online bank transfer, simply use the information from the transfer form.

Yes, every child is an individual member of the group catering with a separate contract.

Yes, children of low-income households can and should take part in school meals. As soon as the family receives subsidies from a public authority (such as the job centre, housing authority, social welfare office), they will generally also receive subsidies for school food. This comes partly from their own cities and communities but also in the context of the social welfare government programme “Bildung und Teilhabe”.

Further information you finde here:

If your child has nutrition requirements not included in our menus due to a serious illness or food allergy/intolerance, please obtain a doctor’s certificate and submit this to the institution.

If your child has a combination of several food allergies and specific chronic illnesses, our staff from the food advisory service will get in touch with you and determine whether a suitable alternative menu can be prepared.

Please also observe the relevant labelling on the menu. Allergens that must be identified by law are indicated here (in accordance with the Lebensmittelinformationsverordnung – Food Information Regulation).

This is subject to certain conditions: Our menus always offer vegetarian dishes and/or alternatives without pork.

As a provider of group catering, we base our services on the quality standards set out by the Deutschen Gesellschaft für Ernährung (DGE – German Nutrition Society), which, for example, does not recommend a vegan diet.

Your data falls under data protection laws. Additional information can be found in the publication details, the data protection regulations for the online order system, and here.

At the start of the following month you will be invoiced and the direct debit will be taken from your account in accordance with the delivery details. Your delivery details can be viewed at any time on your online customer account – up to four months in arrears.

Subsidies for school food are dealt with differently within each state and each city/community also has different regulations. (BuT = Bildung und Teilhabe)

You can find more information at the office where you received confirmation of your benefit entitlement.

Your account may be blocked for a number of different reasons. For instance, your bank account has insufficient funds and our direct debit has been “retracted” by your bank.

Please note:
In this case, you will receive additional charges:
a) Our processing fee of EUR 3.00
b) Bank fees (where applicable) for the return debit.

Your MenüPartner customer account can only be unblocked once you have settled any remaining fees via bank transfer. Please read the reminder carefully! If you have any problems, please contact our customer centre.

Yes. This is because your personal data is provided as part of a contract and this must be kept up-to-date. Here you can change your details directly.

The actual price you pay for your school meal cannot be displayed because the school food is subsidised to various extents depending on the state/district/city and is subject to time restrictions and personal requirements.

Customer conditions can be found in your contract.

In this case you would need to terminate your contract with MenüPartner in writing. The relevant deadlines can be found in your contract. You can terminate your contract via post, fax or e-mail.